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What are external links?

These external links are various websites that we find interesting or exciting.  We have divided them into three categories.  The first focuses on external links that promote parts of the Food Philosophy.  Additionally, many of them feature content that we use as inspiration.  Following, the second group is dedicated to making connections.  This list includes small farms and suppliers that have connected with us.  Lastly, the final series of external links are essential tools for the home cook or even the professional chef.  Here you can find tutorials on techniques and recipes.  Likewise, you can use them to expand your culinary prowess.  Finally, think you have a great resource for us to check out?  In that case, share them with us here!

Great Resources for the C3!

AWEsome Menu Plan: Menus planned around dietary restrictions and more!
Food Tank: A food think tank “focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters”.

Farms and Suppliers

The Pepperfield Project: Genetic preservation and growth of body mind and spirit.
Humble Hands CSA:  Small farm in the Driftless Region of Northern Iowa.

Become a Pro

Chef Steps: Learn about new trends and classic techniques
Burrfection:  Professional sharpening tutorials for everyone.
Top Picks: Online Marketplaces

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