Top Picks: Product Recommendations and Favorite Resources

Top Picks to Sharpen your Skills and Expand Your Knowledge

Here are our top picks of kitchen tools, food related media and external websites.  The team at Pans & Perspective has tested a tremendous amount different knives and tools.  In fact, many of them have been put to the test in commercial food service.  Likewise, we have explored many different topics and recipes through a diverse library of books, articles and documentaries.  Along the way, we have discovered great tools and resources online to help further our knowledge and expand our culinary prowess.  As you explore each section of our top picks you will see various links scattered throughout.  Those links are reviews we have made about those specific products.

Share, Explore and Discuss

The team at Pans and Perspective still has much to explore.  Therefore, we are always open to learning about new products.  Got an awesome tool or favorite read?  You can submit recommendations for product tests, new reading material and external links that you enjoy.  If we enjoy them, we may feature them here!  Finally, we love hear what you think about these products too; share your thoughts, express your opinions and provide your feedback.  Additionally, please feel free to start discussions about our top picks.  Don’t forget, you can ask questions through comments to the C3.  But, you can inquire directly with us here.


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