Future Developments

Greetings C3!  As the last weeks here at the farm come to a close, we have begun to reflect on  future developments.

2018 Apple on tree at pepperfield

We will be travelling from Iowa to Florida on the 13th of November via car.  This journey will span over 2800 miles, nearly 10 states and seven days of travel.  Nathan, along with his mom, will traverse the United States on a tour of barbecue.  As this unfolds, we will closely document each step through video, picture, text and soundbite.  (Don’t expect the usual posting schedule or content; things will be crazy!)

Moving forward, our future developments include moving the weekly updates of Nathan’s experiences to the back burner.  Don’t worry though, we will be supplementing that section with new content.  Once again, thanks to our patrons, the maintenance costs for this year have been covered.  This will allow us to dedicate future pledges and contributions to creating new content and testing out new ideas.  Interested in connecting with the C3, learn more about how you can here!

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We will be hosting our third AMA later this month.  Stay posted for updates on details.

Week 26: A Different Kind of Work

As the autumn days push cool air through the valley, I can’t help but to reflect to the parallels of springtime. Comfortable days, lots of work – but also plenty of time to do it – and preparation for the upcoming year.

Our visits to the hospital garden will soon be coming to a close. When David and I visited Monday morning, there wasn’t a whole lot to do. While he picked peppers, I went around and pulled out some dead plants, picked some kale and checked the tomato vines for any late fruit. Still exhausted from the Heirloom Harvest Dinner, David and I returned home and spent the day doing small tasks. I mowed the field and vegetable garden and then moved onto channeling the creek to drain excess water. Afterwards, I checked the cabin and brought down the laundry before heading to the back yard. I gave the hedge in the back one final trim for winter and then went inside for dinner. The next day I started my morning down in the garden. I worked on pulling the last row of corn plants out. Then I took apart a bean teepee to be used for firewood. Shortly after I helped David clean carrots for winter storage. We took a quick lunch break and then I worked inside on shucking corn seed. Right before work I helped sweep out the hoop house for our upcoming amaranth harvest. The night was moderate and relaxing.


Wednesday, I started my day by picking amaranth. I only harvested one half of the red patch and set it in the hoop house to dry. Then I helped David bring in some of the potted tropical plants in preparation for winter. This took up most of the afternoon because its a heavy and dirty job. We also rearranged the furniture that had been displaced for the recent dining events. I got some free time and caught up on some work I had before getting dinner ready. The following day David and I worked on moving in the citrus trees in anticipation of an upcoming frost. We had a guest stop by and volunteer to help making the whole job much easier. Once we got done with that, I cut up some squash for the goats and got ready for work. The night was decent, but not as hectic as most Thursdays.

Friday, David and I spent most of the morning thrashing amaranth. Using a large bedsheet, David and I vigorously shook out the pannacles trying to extract as much seed as possible. Once we got the gross work done, David sifted through our thrashings with a screen, removing the majority of the large material. The seed was then placed on another sheet to dry before it gets one last refining. Then David and I worked on a winter squash harvest. As we hauled the squash up to the house, I was amazed how productive the plants had been. I sat around a little before work and then headed into town for a busy night. The day after, I cleaned the rest of the red amaranth patch. David went around and worked on some small projects before catching up with me for lunch. After that we spent the rest of the afternoon digging beets. Afterwards we got them cleaned up and put away for winter storage and seed saving for next year. This was a pretty large project that ate up most of my time before work. The night was decent with a large push at the end.

Sunday, David and I started the morning by cleaning up the ferns. They have been here for some time and needed a trimming and cleaning. Afterwards, I worked on husking ground cherries while David peeled pears for canning. Shortly after, we took a break for lunch and then I worked on some items for dinner. I prepared a red wine reduction for a braise I’m making next week. After that, I put some goat bones on to simmer to make into stock. Korbin joined us early to work on tobacco curing and then joined us for dinner. We enjoyed the company late into the night. As the sun set, cool autumn rains drizzled through the night.

In order to bring you top quality content, we will be temporarily suspending the Monthly Video Updates. Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon!

Here at the farm we have satellite internet.  The recent storm cells moving through have made my connection here spotty at best.  Sorry for the late weekly post update!

Upcoming Patreon Benefits Schedule and Background Information

Last month we held our first AMA session for our patrons. During a two hour window, we curated a space for any of our patrons to “Ask Me (Us) Anything”.

We didn’t receive a huge response but we will still be offering this as one of the awesome benefits our patrons receive. Our plan is to host the AMA session each third Wednesday of the month. So for September we will go live again on the 26th. You can check out the AMA template here to get an idea of what an AMA actually is. Moving forward we hope to see more participation among the C3, but we understand that this first attempt may have been a little confusing.

Pans & Perspective has not decided how we want to handle the Monthly Video Updates moving forward. Just keep a close eye out for the video posted here and be sure to give us your feedback about our accomplishments and future goals. Our ultimate objective is to have these videos planned and released on a schedule similar to the AMAs.

Lastly we wanted to take a second to explain Patreon. Our campaign started nearly as month go as a means for people to connect with the exciting C3. Patreon acts like a subscription service where you can make a monthly pledge to promote the Community of Conscious Consumers – C3! There is no obligation to continue each month and our patrons are free to contribute as much as they feel appropriate. In doing so, our patrons unlock a myriad of fantastic benefits such as access to the AMA sessions mentioned above, first looks at our monthly video update and other exclusive content, chances to participate in and create discussions, a small swag package from the team here at P&P and much more! One of our future objectives is to be able to host an interview style podcast or video that interviews members of the C3 – people just like you – who share an interest in P&P and all things food!

We have heard some feedback about the lack of clarity behind both our intent as well as what Patreon is. Found both on our Patreon Page as well as on our Youtube, you can find a brief video explaining who we are and how Patreon works. We highly encourage you to check it out. That being said, if you have any questions or need any clarification please feel free to comment below or even send us an email!

Monthly Video Update!

Check out this month’s video update!  We had some small technical issues that have since been resolved.

Future videos will be posted on a more consistent basis.  Thank you for your understanding!

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