Scratch Baked Beans

Background Our chief complaint with standard baked beans is the flavor. They are overwhelmingly sweet without any complexity.  This recipe is crafted with only basic ingredients; no cheats like ketchup - high fructose corn syrup and tomato paste. Yield 8 Servings Ingredients 2C Dry beans, soaked 1 Leek, washed and minced 1 Paste tomato -... Continue Reading →

Creating and Maintaining Cycles in Food

When you go to the supermarket and gaze out over the pasture it is, on the surface, beautiful. Bright red, perfectly round tomatoes and bushels of corn in tight rows in their bright green husks sit on the shelves. These are the standards. Who would want to eat a ribbed tomato or one shaped like... Continue Reading →

Cornbread – Simple and Delicious

Yields 16 Portions Ingredients 3ea Eggs .5C Milk .5C Whey or milk .25C Butter melted .5C Brown Sugar 2C Cornmeal 2t Salt 4t Baking Powder 1.25C Corn kernels (optional) Method 1.  Mix all dry ingredients. 2.  Mix all wet ingredients. 3.   Rest batter for 10 minutes. 4.  Bake 350 for 35 minutes in a 8x8... Continue Reading →

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