Raspberry Vinegar (Infused)

This raspberry vinegar is a fantastic way to use up excess fruit.  This aromatic vinegar is great for vinaigrette, finishing dishes and adds a zip of acid and extra layer of flavor to your favorite pickles.   Yield 2qt Ingredients +/- 7c Raspberries 2qts White Vinegar (or vinegar of your choice) 1.  Clean raspberries; if... Continue Reading →

Week 21: (To Answer Last Week’s Question) Yes, it has

The summer season has flown by. The harvest have drastically decreased as the plants transition for winter. Monday was rainy so I went with David at the crack of dawn to the hospital garden. We did a quick harvest of tomatoes, kale, chard, cucumbers and squash before heading home for breakfast. Later, I left with... Continue Reading →

Just Raspberry Sorbet

The name says it all. This has become a summer favorite here at Pepperfield. Background When serving this to your friends and family, don't be afraid to tell them "It's just raspberry sorbet." It'll make you seem much more skillful having brushed off this feat as nothing. But then you can explain that it really... Continue Reading →

Week 18: Huge Harvests in the Gardens

Summer is here and the harvests are showing it. The volume of produce being picked at Pepperfield as well as at the hospital garden is astounding. Monday began with an interview at a local brewery. I had been contacted about working in a new kitchen at the brewery that hoped to produce "world class food... Continue Reading →

Art of Dishwashing: Day 10

“Who’s that?” “Oh him, he’s nobody.” “Not nobody, he’s part of the kitchen.” “He’s a plonguer or something, he washes dishes and takes out the garbage…” -Excerpt from Ratatouille Everyone is in the kitchen for a reason. It’s important to realize that everyone and every position shares the same value. While everyone may not fully... Continue Reading →

Late Night Tacos: Day 8

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with our GM. He cooked me a simple meal of tacos and it was amazing. We reminisced about the Perfect Caper back in the 90’s as well as talked about Su Casa, a small authentic Mexican restaurant that didn’t quite work out.  Who would of thought so... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Center Guy

Each day always brings new surprises. Our cover count yesterday was over 140 and dinner service was quite the rush. My job is working between sauté and grill station to help plate dishes and expedite tickets. The “center” job entails a lot and it’s similar to working as a tournant. I lead the team in... Continue Reading →

My Summer Job: Day 1 and 2

The industry truly is an amazing place. Of course this is with reference to the food industry. As a “chef”, and I refer to this in quotes because I still have so much to learn, it is so absolutely astounding what other people can create with just a few simple ingredients and their bare hands.... Continue Reading →

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