Week 21: (To Answer Last Week’s Question) Yes, it has

The summer season has flown by. The harvest have drastically decreased as the plants transition for winter. Monday was rainy so I went with David at the crack of dawn to the hospital garden. We did a quick harvest of tomatoes, kale, chard, cucumbers and squash before heading home for breakfast. Later, I left with... Continue Reading →

Shout-out to our First and Newest Executive Chef Tier Patron!

Thank you Regina Buckley for your amazing pledge of support. Welcome to the C3! Regina has made a contribution to P&P through Patreon. Find out how to do the same here!

Shout-out to our New Patrons

Pans & Perspective extends a heartfelt thank-you to four outstanding members of the C3! William Buckley Bill and Karen Shorr Cindy Scaruffi Klispie Each of them have made contributions to P&P through Patreon. Find out how to do the same here!

Recipe Key – How We Write Recipes

These are general abbreviations used in recipes found on Pans & Perspective. This will will continue to expand and can be used a reference for clarification. t Teaspoon T Tablespoon oz Empirical Ounce floz Empirical Fluid Ounce C Cup Qt Quart G Gallon ea Quantity or Singular Piece TT To taste AN As needed #... Continue Reading →

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