Wüsthof 7-inch Nakiri Classic Review

Wüsthof produces its knives out of Solingen, Germany. Since 1814 this family owned and managed company has produced high quality tools known universally around the world. Each product is made to last and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Currently I do not have a ultility knife in my kit, but this knife fills that... Continue Reading →

Week 15: Here Comes the Harvest

We are just beginning to see the start of the early harvest. Spinach and Parsnips have gone to seed and are almost ripe and we dug the first garlic just a few days ago.Monday we had our bed and breakfast guests in the morning. David did a squash blossom omelette and we spent about an... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Bioregionalism

Bioregionalism is defined as an advocacy of the belief that eating, product procurement and other human activities should be sourced from local areas. It's not something that is always practical, but when it is, bioregionalism should be observed. With respect to food, bioregionalism drastically increases the overall quality of ingredients and products. Naturally all products... Continue Reading →

Week 14: Let the Cooking Begin!

Fourth of July pig roasts, dinners with family and friends and good food to be had. This week I got back to the kitchen and prepared several meals that were elegant and exciting! Monday, Jim stopped by for coffee. We spent a few hours catching up and recapping the damage after the storm. When he... Continue Reading →

Why Cook?

"To Ed, the great appeal of cooking...was not so much the meal as the occasion it provided for a time around the fire, for talk and camaraderie" - Michael Pollan, Cooked. I cook to work with my passion - food - while still serving others. It's a creative medium where I can process and manipulate... Continue Reading →

Video Update 1.0

Here is a quick recap of what's happened since I arrived at Pepperfield. New segments, exciting changes and future developments all discussed in this video!

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