Genesis Pop-Up Restaurant

Monday March 4th, we will be attending an awesome event. Genesis Pop-Up Restaurant in Port Charlotte, Florida, will be hosting a exciting three course meal that will support the community while providing a night to remember. We highly encourage you to check it out and pick up some tickets. This event is something we will... Continue Reading →

Week 24: Just the Beginning (of Fall Clean-up)

The nature of the tasks this week were such that taking pictures wasn't quite as practical as usual. Don't fret, there will be plenty more cool things to see as the season progresses. Monday started with the usual trip to the hospital garden.  The harvests have been slowly dropping off so I spent my time... Continue Reading →

Culture shock in Dublin

Since I began my visit here in Dublin I have noticed a myriad of cultural differences.  Culture shock may be a bit of an overstatement. But, during this article I’d like to focus on a few differences that stood out to me.  I normally like to stay on food or food related topics but since... Continue Reading →

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