BBQ Tour Synopsis Part 1

What started as just a crazy idea - a bbq tour -  unfolded into an epic adventure.  We highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to get a glimpse into a major portion of the American Cuisine. Our first stop on the bbq tour was into Kansas city.  We started by sampling BBQ from Jack... Continue Reading →

My Summer Job: Day 1 and 2

The industry truly is an amazing place. Of course this is with reference to the food industry. As a “chef”, and I refer to this in quotes because I still have so much to learn, it is so absolutely astounding what other people can create with just a few simple ingredients and their bare hands.... Continue Reading →

What I took from extern: Weeks 1-4

I stepped into the kitchen with no real expectations. I was every excited and just as anxious. My first day I wandered around the kitchen looking for someone on the management team. After managing to find my way into bake shop I finally found the Sous Chef. He put me in connection with a manager.... Continue Reading →

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