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Our contributors are people that are passionate about food.  We are drawn into the myriad of connections food provides; we have documented unique events, spectacular moments and exciting dining experiences.  And, it doesn’t stop there.  Our contributors explore and expand on new ideas about food.  Likewise, we tackle new recipes and experiment with new products and ingredients.  Simply put, food fascinates us.  Currently, Pans & Perspective has one contributor.  But, we are hoping to expand the size of our team.  If you think you are the right fit, please contact us.

Our Team

One of our Contributors, Nathan J Buckley, Editor



Nathan James Buckley spent his youth in Reading, Massachusetts.  Shortly after, he moved to the quiet coastal town of Punta Gorda.  It was here that he delighted in visits to a local french inspired restaurant.  Several years later, he began training began at this same restaurant. The owner was a seasoned chef of decades.  She took him on as a commis chef where they started creating the foundation of his culinary career. For the next two years, he scaled the ranks from prep cook to Garde Manger. As a result, he got his first taste of working in a kitchen.


In mid 2013, Nathan received acceptance to The Culinary Institute of America, or CIA.  His first two semesters consisted of lab classes and lectures. Eager to further his culinary career, he received employment with CIA as a knife skills instructor and an academic tutor.  Later, Nathan completed his externship on the opening team of the kitchen at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.  Notably, the largest hotel in Washington D.C. It was here that he worked on the banquets and catering team.  Each day Nathan and the team fulfilled cover counts in the tens of thousands. 

Shortly after, Nathan returned for his final semesters.  For the following nine months, the majority of instruction took place in kitchens that fed students. Most noteworthy, he learned cuisines from the Americas, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Finally, he worked at two restaurants at the CIA.  The name of the first restaurant was Pangea.  It was focused on alternative grains and proteins.  Afterwards, he spent time in Bocuse.  This is where he learned about modern french cuisine with a classical influence. 


During May of 2015, Nathan graduated from the CIA. Immediately following, he became employed at Ella’s Fine and Drink.  This is a 200-seat restaurant in Westerly, Rhode Island.  He’s also worked  in Dublin, Ireland at the Shelbourne Hotel. At this instant, he’s at the Pepperfield Project to reconnect with food. 

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