C3: Become part of the Community of Conscious Consumers!

What is the C3?

C3 stands for the Community of Conscious Consumers. This is the primary audience of Pans & Perspective. Members of this community have the chance to discuss topics, network with other C3’s and educate themselves and their peers about conscious consumption. By simply viewing Pans & Perspective you have already joined the C3. Although your involvement is entirely up to you. But don’t worry, there are many ways to connect and participate in the C3. Thank you for your support, and welcome to the Community of Conscious Consumers!

Connect with the C3!

I wanted to personally thank everyone for their ongoing support. The numbers for Pans & Perspective are on the rise and the feedback is more responsive each day. I hope to see more discussion on posts; I have made commenting easier by removing some of the limitations for first time posters and also have changed the comment threshold to only require and email and name (more info is always welcome though!) rather than signing up through wordpress.

Inaugural C3 Members

These are the first 25 patrons to connect with the C3!  We can’t thank you enough!

Bill Buckley
Karen and Bill Shorr
Cindy Scaruffi Klispie
Regina Buckley
Barbara Buckley

Social Media

P&P is active across a multitude of social media platforms. Listed above are the services we use to connect and network with the C3. P&P has also joined Patreon. We intend to use it as our primary source of income to to support our work, offset operational expenses but also as a means to expand our reach and grow the C3! Check out the Patreon page listed above to see the exclusive benefits our patrons get.






Lastly, P&P’s numbers originate from two sets of viewers. First timers and recurring visitors. I hope to increase these numbers significantly. One way you can help support P&P further is to subscribe so that you will be notified when I post. I know people are hesitant about spam email and giving away sensitive data but I can personally assure you neither of these are an issue (If you are still concerned, I understand, but I would encourage you to check back weekly because content is constantly being uploaded!). There are a few ways to remain connected to P&P: like the facebook page, follow us on twitter and instagram and subscribe via email and youtube. Check out this post to learn how to subscribe to Pans & Perspective to be the first to know when we post!

Progress of Pans & Perspective

Patreon Contributions to date:


Applications of contributions:

$153.36 – Domain Name and Hosting Service, 2018.11.01

Goals for the future

Acquiring a proper domain name, rather than sub-hosting through wordpress, is also on the agenda but at this stage in my career the funds aren’t quite accessible. Patreon is a fanastic way to pledge your support and help P&P meet this financial goal. We have our site set on reaching $500 a month in donations from our patrons. Once we reach this goal we will begin a new video series connecting with members of the C3. To find out more about this visit our Patreon Page (linked above)! We are looking to expand our team of writers and contributors so please feel free to make contact if you are interested! And as we grow so will our content, we are setting the sights high and hope to begin producing more videos, discussions and begin to collaborate with the C3.

With sincere gratitude,

Nathan J. Buckley


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