2018: 2017 Wasn’t that Great Anyway…

As you may have guessed, there is no gallery for 2017.  The previous year was spent at a small restaurant in Rhode Island where Nathan’s focus was on the work.  The high stress of the job pushed content creation at Pans and Perspective to the back burner.  And everything from writing to photography took a notch down on the list of priorities.  (The nature of the job was also such that not many exciting events occurred.)  But, this perfect storm of attributes sparked a new desire to learn, create and explore.  In fact, they were a huge contributing factor for the the next step of the journey.  You can learn more about the motivations behind this here.  Compared to last year, 2018 was fantastic!

We spent the majority of it learning about food and farming in Decorah, Iowa at the Pepperfield Project.  Our time there created great connections with people from all of the U.S.  Meanwhile, Nathan practiced his craft, taking inspiration from the people and produce around him.  His time in Decorah yielded several dining events showcasing his creativity.  The time seemed far to short, nevertheless this was one of the best years for P&P.

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