Mark your calendars for the upcoming January 2019 AMA! We will be doing things a little different than usual and this one will be open to the public. Learn more about our AMAs here!

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Many of you may have noticed the decrease in content over the last month; we hope it hasn't been too quiet. But big things have been happening behind the scenes! This last month was spent making edits and improving readability on older posts. This is something that has been on our to-do list for some... Continue Reading →

We have finally completed the recipe format update for Pans & Perspective.  This has been a huge goal ever since we switched over to our new hosting platform. Please stop by the recipe section to see the updates (and find some good eats while your there)!  You can also find it under the "Top Picks"... Continue Reading →

BBQ Tour Itinerary

Our BBQ Tour Itenerary: Day 1: Travel from Decorah, IA to Kansas City, MO Day 2: Travel from Kansas City, MO to St. Louis, MO and then travel to Louisville, KY Day 3: Travel from Louisville, KY to Memphis, TN (with a stop in Owensboro, KY) Day 4: Travel from Memphis, TN to Knoxville, TN... Continue Reading →

Future Developments

Greetings C3!  As the last weeks here at the farm come to a close, we have begun to reflect on  future developments. We will be travelling from Iowa to Florida on the 13th of November via car.  This journey will span over 2800 miles, nearly 10 states and seven days of travel.  Nathan, along with... Continue Reading →

October AMA will happen October 31st, 6pm Central Time. We love to use these sessions as a way to give back to our patrons. Learn more about our patrons and some of the exclusive perks of joining the C3 here.

Thanks to our patrons, P&P is now entirely reader supported!  You have made a huge financial goal possible by connecting with the Community of Conscious Consumers (C3)!  (Check the link to learn more.) We would first like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our patrons.  Moving forward, we hope to continue producing the... Continue Reading →

New Patron!

Thank you Barbara J. Buckley for your amazing pledge of support. Welcome to the C3! Barbara has made a contribution to P&P through Patreon. Find out how to do the same here!

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