QotW 28 – “An Ode to Onions”

Does anyone enjoy cutting onions? No one does. Period... I put the knife down, sobbing, tears mingling with mascara, snot and fumes. What started as a simple task - cut this onion - has not only unleashed a flood of burning tears, but also caused the walls I've built against some of the pain and... Continue Reading →

Il Luigi Review

Dining Experience Rushford, Minnesota - population 807 - is home to a small Italian restaurant named Il Luigi.  And (at the very least) one of it's few citizens is making some fantastic food! First of all, it seems almost incredible that a town of that size houses even a single restaurant.  Housed in a brick... Continue Reading →

Week 20: Has it Really Been that Long?

Nearly five months here at the farm and it only feels as if I arrived yesterday. "Time flies when you're having fun"; what an understatement! Monday started with breakfast for our guests. Lisa and Levi, the couple who joined us the night before, were documenting there time here to promote Pepperfield through Lisa's site Rettlers.... Continue Reading →

Just Raspberry Sorbet

The name says it all. This has become a summer favorite here at Pepperfield. Background When serving this to your friends and family, don't be afraid to tell them "It's just raspberry sorbet." It'll make you seem much more skillful having brushed off this feat as nothing. But then you can explain that it really... Continue Reading →

Week 19: Gearing up for more Food

This last week has been pretty relaxed. The farm has been quiet as the harvest explodes. Monday began with the usual routine. David and I took a quick trip to the hospital to harvest produce for the kitchen. This included prolific amounts of cucumbers, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans and chard. Afterwards, we returned... Continue Reading →

Make your Own Yoghurt

Much like making buttermilk, yoghurt is another easy item to make. It's great to have on hand just for eating but it's also fabulous for frozen yoghurt, parfaits and can even be substituted for buttermilk if you're in a pinch. Yield 4qt Ingredients 2C Yoghurt Starter 3.75Qt Milk 3/4C Non-fat dry milk powder 3 Packets... Continue Reading →

Nordic Fest Food Recap

Last week I attended Nordic Fest. This is Decorah's largest yearly festival. Each year over 10000 people come from the surrounding areas to frequent this event. This effectively doubles the population of this small town. Figures estimate 1.5 million visitor shave visited Nordic Fest since 1967. More information can be found here. Nordic fest is... Continue Reading →

Huge Overhaul to the Blog!

Today P&P am foregoing my usual post of a recipe or a review. Instead we're sharing many new pages on Pans & Perspective. Please take a few minutes to click around the blog. Don't feel obligated to read everything, but now each page has more substantial content clarifying the objective and it's content. Ultimately, there... Continue Reading →

Week 17: Back in the Kitchen

Last week left off right in the middle of our second dining event here at Pepperfield. Over a leisurely evening we shared a fantastic meal with Rowen White's seed keeping network. Monday morning started by begining the braised lamb shoulder. Afterwards I cooked some beans for the starter plate. While those were cooking I took... Continue Reading →

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