Armory Review

As I opened the door into the quaint dining area I was overcome by a plethora of aromas dominated by a strong smoke. This was going to be amazing. The menu was posted on the classic 90's display board, little white magnetized letters that latched onto a black backdrop. Four tight columns divided into different... Continue Reading →

La Florentina Review

The meal commenced with a glass of prosecco blanco and house ricotta cheese served with toasted sourdough.  The cheese was carefully garnished with salt, fresh cracked black pepper, minced parsley and extra virgin olive oil.  It spread like soft butter across the light toast coating the bread with a rich fatty layer of pure perfection. ... Continue Reading →

Go chew glass

If you are a student at the CIA I am sure you are very familiar with a local takeout Chinese food joint that goes by the name Yeung Ho II. Now I want to begin by mentioning that Yeung Ho II has been my favorite place to dine on "Chinese" food since I started back... Continue Reading →

It’s Day 11 and you still can’t cook damn vegetables…

I want to preface this review by saying I have a lot of respect for the chefs at the CIA.  I understand that most of them strive to do their best and that they make a valiant effort to pay attention to detail in the kitchen.  The students also deserve credit.  They (AM Classes), wake... Continue Reading →

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