Tom Yum Soup

Background I have made some changes to this tom yum recipe - a traditional hot and sour Thai soup - to make it reflect Pepperfield. My version utilized ingredients grown here entirely on the farm excluding the sambul (chili paste), fish sauce and sugar. Yields 6 Portions Ingredients 9C Chicken Stock 1ea lemongrass with leaves... Continue Reading →

Recipe Key – How We Write Recipes

These are general abbreviations used in recipes found on Pans & Perspective. This will will continue to expand and can be used a reference for clarification. t Teaspoon T Tablespoon oz Empirical Ounce floz Empirical Fluid Ounce C Cup Qt Quart G Gallon ea Quantity or Singular Piece TT To taste AN As needed #... Continue Reading →

(Vegetarian) Chili

Here's a great recipe for a meatless chili. Check the notes below if you want to add some meat! Yields 10 Portions Ingredients Chili Paste 1.5C Tomatoes 2 ea Onion, chopped 1c Sundried tomatoes, reconstituted, save the liquid 4T Cumin 3T Coriander 1t Allspice 1T Hot pepper - optional, and depending on peppers used amount... Continue Reading →

Simple Cream of Broccoli Soup

Background Cream of broccoli soup became the quintessential soup at Pepperfield.  With an overabundance of broccoli and only so many ways to work with it, this recipe became a favorite of everyone. Yields 8 Portions Ingredients 2C onion 1ea clove garlic 4oz butter 2C water 2C whey or milk 1 bayleaf 1.5# broccoli peeled 1C... Continue Reading →

Gumbo with Shrimp, Alligator and Okra

Yields 10 Portions Ingredients Shrimp Stock 2oz  Oil, vegetable 2#  Shrimp shells 1#  Mirepoix 4oz  Tomato paste 1Pt   White wine 5Qt   Water 4ea  Bay leaves 5ea  Thyme sprigs 1T  Peppercorns, black Gumbo 1.5C  Dark brown roux 3/4#  Onion, minced 3/4#  Green bell pepper, minced 3/4#  Celery, minced 8ea  Green onions, thinly sliced 2ea  Bay leaves... Continue Reading →

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