Raspberry Vinegar (Infused)

This raspberry vinegar is a fantastic way to use up excess fruit.  This aromatic vinegar is great for vinaigrette, finishing dishes and adds a zip of acid and extra layer of flavor to your favorite pickles.   Yield 2qt Ingredients +/- 7c Raspberries 2qts White Vinegar (or vinegar of your choice) 1.  Clean raspberries; if... Continue Reading →

Recipe Key – How We Write Recipes

These are general abbreviations used in recipes found on Pans & Perspective. This will will continue to expand and can be used a reference for clarification. t Teaspoon T Tablespoon oz Empirical Ounce floz Empirical Fluid Ounce C Cup Qt Quart G Gallon ea Quantity or Singular Piece TT To taste AN As needed #... Continue Reading →

Basic Tomato Sauce

Yields 10 Portions Ingredients 2T Olive Oil 8c Tomato 1ea Onion, minced 1ea Anchovy 2T Brown sugar .5c Red wine 1oz Dry basil (Double if using fresh) 5ea clove garlic, grated Method 1.  Sweat onion, anchovy and sugar in oil until soft. 2.  Deglaze with red wine, cook out all alcohol. The sharp, stinging aroma... Continue Reading →

Bolognese Ragu with Pork and Beef

Yields 10 portions Ingredients 2/3C  Pancetta, minced 2C  Onion, minced 1C  Carrot, minced 2/3C  Celery, minced 2T  Butter 2T  Olive oil 1#  Beef, lean, ground 1#  Pork, lean, ground 1/2c  Chicken livers, cleaned, minced 2c  White wine 6T  Tomato paste TT  Salt TT  Fine ground black pepper TT  Nutmeg, fresh grated, added gradually 1Qt+  Chicken... Continue Reading →

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