Corn Gateau – Cornbread’s Distant Cousin

Here is a recipe for a super light corn cake. It is fairly sweet so I reccomend serving it as a dessert. Yields 10 Portions Ingredients 2/3C Sugar 1/2t Salt 2C Cornmeal 6 ea Eggs 3/4C Butter 1/4C Milk Method 1.  Preheat oven as you are measuring out ingredients to 375. 2.  Melt butter on... Continue Reading →

(Vegetarian) Chili

Here's a great recipe for a meatless chili. Check the notes below if you want to add some meat! Yields 10 Portions Ingredients Chili Paste 1.5C Tomatoes 2 ea Onion, chopped 1c Sundried tomatoes, reconstituted, save the liquid 4T Cumin 3T Coriander 1t Allspice 1T Hot pepper - optional, and depending on peppers used amount... Continue Reading →

Basic Tomato Sauce

Yields 10 Portions Ingredients 2T Olive Oil 8c Tomato 1ea Onion, minced 1ea Anchovy 2T Brown sugar .5c Red wine 1oz Dry basil (Double if using fresh) 5ea clove garlic, grated Method 1.  Sweat onion, anchovy and sugar in oil until soft. 2.  Deglaze with red wine, cook out all alcohol. The sharp, stinging aroma... Continue Reading →

Cornbread – Simple and Delicious

Yields 16 Portions Ingredients 3ea Eggs .5C Milk .5C Whey or milk .25C Butter melted .5C Brown Sugar 2C Cornmeal 2t Salt 4t Baking Powder 1.25C Corn kernels (optional) Method 1.  Mix all dry ingredients. 2.  Mix all wet ingredients. 3.   Rest batter for 10 minutes. 4.  Bake 350 for 35 minutes in a 8x8... Continue Reading →

Simple Cream of Broccoli Soup

Background Cream of broccoli soup became the quintessential soup at Pepperfield.  With an overabundance of broccoli and only so many ways to work with it, this recipe became a favorite of everyone. Yields 8 Portions Ingredients 2C onion 1ea clove garlic 4oz butter 2C water 2C whey or milk 1 bayleaf 1.5# broccoli peeled 1C... Continue Reading →

Angel Hair – Whole Wheat Pasta

This angel hair recipe is hearty. It will stand up well in your favorite tomato sauce or pesto. Yields 8 Portions Ingredients 2C all purpose flour 2C whole wheat flour 7ea eggs Semolina flour for dusting Method 1.  Mix flours well in a bowl and create a well. Crack eggs into well. Incorporate with a... Continue Reading →

Corn Pudding – A Pepperfield Project Staple

Background Corn wasn't in short supply at the Pepperfield Project.  This corn pudding gave us a great outlet to feature some of the heirloom varieties grown here.  Likewise, it also doubled as a fantastic way to use the surplus of cheese, goat milk and eggs here at the farm.  It's a great standalone dish served... Continue Reading →

Gnocchi alla Spezzatino di Anitra

Yield: 10 portions Ingredients Gnocchi 2# Russet potatoes 4ea Egg yolks 10-12oz Bread flour Pinch Salt, white pepper and nutmeg Spezzatino di Anitra AN Olive oil AN Butter 6ea Duck, legs 1 C Red onion, minced 2oz Celery, minced 2oz Carrots, minced 2oz Pancetta, minced 3 ea Rosemary sprigs 3ea Thyme sprigs 3ea Bay leaf... Continue Reading →

Bolognese Ragu with Pork and Beef

Yields 10 portions Ingredients 2/3C  Pancetta, minced 2C  Onion, minced 1C  Carrot, minced 2/3C  Celery, minced 2T  Butter 2T  Olive oil 1#  Beef, lean, ground 1#  Pork, lean, ground 1/2c  Chicken livers, cleaned, minced 2c  White wine 6T  Tomato paste TT  Salt TT  Fine ground black pepper TT  Nutmeg, fresh grated, added gradually 1Qt+  Chicken... Continue Reading →

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