Week 32: Final Reflections

This is the end of one journey but the beginning of another.  My time here at the farm has felt brief but as I consider my final reflections the experience seems profound. The nature of Pepperfield effortlessly introduced me to a new collection of connections.  As a result, I met local producers, food and hospitality... Continue Reading →

Creating and Maintaining Cycles in Food

When you go to the supermarket and gaze out over the pasture it is, on the surface, beautiful. Bright red, perfectly round tomatoes and bushels of corn in tight rows in their bright green husks sit on the shelves. These are the standards. Who would want to eat a ribbed tomato or one shaped like... Continue Reading →

Eating Better than Kings and Queens

The fawn pate wasn’t just a delicious item. It was something sacred, unique and provoking.It brought ingredients together in a way that highlighted their individual value but also the value of their sum. It was rich, creamy, delicately smoky, laced with fruity notes with undertones of onion. The prevailing flavor, a slightly gamey profile that... Continue Reading →

What is Village Fire?

Last week I indirectly participated in a unique event. My capacity was significantly food related by I still witnessed many amazing things at the event. Village Fire is an annual four day event that takes place in the driftless region of Decorah Iowa. It is an “intergenerational” gathering of individuals who come together to sing,... Continue Reading →

Learning What it Really Takes to Make Food: Substitutions and Compromise

Hundreds of years ago the colonizers spread across America and put down roots, both literally and figuratively. Agriculture was their life: crucial to their survival but also demanding nothing short of total participation. I have been contemplating this topic for nearly a week. It manifested during the days following this post. I began to realize... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up, Just Try: Planting the Future through Perseverance

The simplest, maybe easiest, approach to dealing with anything is to not try. Surrendering is appealing to some because it requires no further effort. This can be compounded if the fight or battle against or with someone or something repeatedly ends up unsuccessful. Striving to actually “do”, whether it be in life, work or any... Continue Reading →

Stress vs Pressure

Merriam Webster defines these as: Stress: n. A physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes inner strife, unrest or imbalance Pressure: n. The constraint of circumstance; the burden (or oppression) of physical or mental distress I believe these two words have always seemed synonymous. So much so that I used them interchangeably. As an individual... Continue Reading →

My Chicken

This post may have disturbing content to some. The night's sleep was interesting. I had about three separate episodes of dreams where I was late to get up. One of them I found myself back in Rhode Island and after glancing at the time I knew I wouldn't make it back to the farm. David... Continue Reading →

The Purpose: Why I Came to Pepperfield Farm

This notion, titled above, began and evolved before my arrival at Pepperfield.  From its inception this trip was intended to expand my knowledge of food. I desired to learn how many of the products I use on a regular basis are created. I had interests in acquiring some of this knowledge for both future applications... Continue Reading →

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