Week 27: Autumn Rains and Clean-Up Between

This week was quite rainy.  With only a few breaks this week, we struggled to put in a full day and have done a fair amount of waiting.

Autumn rain on a kale leaf

This week started out with clean-up around the house.  David and I were anticipating a guest for a few overnights during the week.  The day was cold and we had both stoves on.  Mid morning, I set some goat stock on the stove to reduce. Meanwhile, I prepared a goat chile verde for meals for the week.  Tuesday morning I began my day by shucking corn for winter grain storage.  Afterwards, I setup some squash to cook on the stove for a puree.  Additionally, I sliced some cabbage up to braise all day.  It was rainy again so I spent my time tending to the pots and doing miscellaneous chores around the house.


Wednesday I prepared a bunch of dishes in anticipation for our guest.  I began by making some fettuccine.  I continued to prep, setting up a mushroom bolognese in a pot to simmer for half an hour.  Then, while my pasta dough was resting, I set up a vegetable soup to simmer for an hour and then turned my attention to making some cornbread.  We had a surplus of corn (and corn products) from our previous dinner so I broke out a bunch of various corn items and turned them into a corn bread.  Shortly after, I moved onto getting risotto par cooked for dinner.  I found out about halfway through the day that our guest had canceled so I shifted gears and used a quick window of sun to mow the lawns.  This took a couple of hours and when I got back inside, I prepared dinner.  David and I ate it just like we would have if our guest arrived.  It started off with a Navajo Squash Risotto.  Then, the meal transitioned to heavier fare with a mushroom bolo and fresh fettuccine.  Finally, we finished the meal with braised beef roast in a red wine-mulberry reduction that was fantastic.  The next day I worked on garden clean-up.  While David prepared ingredients for a compost pile, I worked on hacking away weeds covering a pile we needed.  After that I piled all the refuse in the corner of the garden and then began pulling the old amaranth stalks that we harvested last week.  Still filling time, I shifted over to the old lima bean patch and pulled the dead plants and weeds to clear up the area.  By this time David was ready for me and I started hauling over manure.  We got the pile done in no time and I took off for a decent evening of work.

Friday was slated to rain, but early in the morning it seemed to be clearing up.  I used this time to do some more clean up in the garden.  I started with cleaning off the rest of the tomato trellises.  Once I finished that, I moved onto pulling out old tomatillo and ground cherry plants.  I spent the rest of my time tidying up a few areas before heading into town for the evening.  Work was moderately busy with a few good pushes making it a pretty good night.  The following day, I continued to work with early afternoon sun in the garden.  I turned my attention to pulling out squash plants in various patches across the garden.  This ate up most of my time, but I did manage to pull out some volunteer amaranth plants as well.  The rain started almost immediately after I left for work.  The night was cold, moderate and unexciting.

Sunday started off with more rain.  David and I got a late start to our day.  Mid afternoon we took off to Lanesboro for a showing of Dracula.  When returned to the farm, I headed back to town to do some research at the library before they closed.  When I got back, I heated up some leftovers from the week and caught an early night listening to the autumn rain patter on the house.

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