Week 24: Just the Beginning (of Fall Clean-up)

The nature of the tasks this week were such that taking pictures wasn’t quite as practical as usual. Don’t fret, there will be plenty more cool things to see as the season progresses.

Monday started with the usual trip to the hospital garden.  The harvests have been slowly dropping off so I spent my time pulling out dead plants and weeding.  When we returned to the farm I followed the same cadence by pulling weeds from the garden.  David and I took the time (and extra plant matter) to make another compost pile for next year.  Then, we took a break for an early wine time.  Ellis was leaving the following day so I took him out to dinner as a good bye present.  The next day I spent more time pulling weeds in the garden.  Afterwards, David and I focused on fixing a trellis in the lower vineyard.  Then, while we were waiting on some painters to come by, we organized the trash to get ready for a run to the dump.  Shortly after I transitioned my day for my evening at work.  Things started off slow but as the evening progressed the night turned out to be decent.

Wednesday morning David and I went to the dump to drop off the trash.  When we returned to the farm I focused on cleaning ground cherries to be processed into syrup.  Once I got that done I moved onto cutting down old grape vines in order to simplify next year’s workload.  I spent the rest of my afternoon on various cleaning chores that included some weeding and gathering of garden refuse.  Then I pulled out old broccoli plants and cut down the remaining asparagus plants.  The following day David and I, with the help of a guest, unloaded a wagon of hay.  Afterwards, David and I ran out of town to pick up some firewood from a local timber frame maker.  I quickly helped unload the wood before work and then went to town.  The night was steady with people, presumably from the recent influx of students to Luther.

Friday I started my morning by unloading another load of wood.  David and I spent the rest of the morning processing pears for canning and preservation.  Then, I cut up squash and apples for the baby goats (who aren’t really babies anymore).  I ended up leaving for work a little early in order to pick up a few items for the upcoming kitchen inspection here at the farm.  Work was quite busy as we pushed through nearly 75 people in only half an hour.  The evening died down to a more steady pace up to the end of the night.  The following day after, I slept in.  When I got up I made pasta for lunch with Korbin.  I also prepared a pepper vinaigrette as well as an eggplant caponata to use up some of the produce we had around the farm.  When she arrived I served up a tomato salad and then followed it with pasta and tomato sauce.  I departed for work shortly after for another busy, late night.

Sunday was spent mostly in leisure.  I helped David can some more pears before doing some chores around the house and preparing a berry puree for sorbet.  Dinner consisted of leftovers from the week and I called it an early night to get ready for next weeks events.

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