Upcoming Patreon Benefits Schedule and Background Information

Last month we held our first AMA session for our patrons. During a two hour window, we curated a space for any of our patrons to “Ask Me (Us) Anything”.

We didn’t receive a huge response but we will still be offering this as one of the awesome benefits our patrons receive. Our plan is to host the AMA session each third Wednesday of the month. So for September we will go live again on the 26th. You can check out the AMA template here to get an idea of what an AMA actually is. Moving forward we hope to see more participation among the C3, but we understand that this first attempt may have been a little confusing.

Pans & Perspective has not decided how we want to handle the Monthly Video Updates moving forward. Just keep a close eye out for the video posted here and be sure to give us your feedback about our accomplishments and future goals. Our ultimate objective is to have these videos planned and released on a schedule similar to the AMAs.

Lastly we wanted to take a second to explain Patreon. Our campaign started nearly as month go as a means for people to connect with the exciting C3. Patreon acts like a subscription service where you can make a monthly pledge to promote the Community of Conscious Consumers – C3! There is no obligation to continue each month and our patrons are free to contribute as much as they feel appropriate. In doing so, our patrons unlock a myriad of fantastic benefits such as access to the AMA sessions mentioned above, first looks at our monthly video update and other exclusive content, chances to participate in and create discussions, a small swag package from the team here at P&P and much more! One of our future objectives is to be able to host an interview style podcast or video that interviews members of the C3 – people just like you – who share an interest in P&P and all things food!

We have heard some feedback about the lack of clarity behind both our intent as well as what Patreon is. Found both on our Patreon Page as well as on our Youtube, you can find a brief video explaining who we are and how Patreon works. We highly encourage you to check it out. That being said, if you have any questions or need any clarification please feel free to comment below or even send us an email!

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