Potato Gnocchi

This potato gnocchi is a great starch for any ragout or tomato sauce. It’s a simple and fast fix even if your in a pinch and it blows the packaged stuff out of the water.

Yield: 10 portions


2# Russet potatoes
4ea Egg yolks
10-12oz Bread flour
Pinch Salt, white pepper and nutmeg


1. Bake potatoes at 400°F, until soft. Peel, and purée through large holes of food mill while still hot. Spread out on clean plastic wrap lined sheet pan, and cool.
2. Add egg yolks, melted butter, flour, salt, pepper, nutmeg, to the potatoes. Knead quickly, adding more flour if necessary to make a pliable dough.
3.  Test gnocchi for consistency by cooking one small piece of dough in boiling water.  If it falls apart add a little more flour.
4.  Roll and shape gnocchi by making long ropes of 3/4 inch diameter. Then cut 3/4 inch chunks.
5.  If using immediately place on a flour surface covered with a dry towel.  You can also freeze them at this point.
6.  To cook the potato gnocchi – from raw or frozen – simply place in boil salted water utill the float and then continue to cook them for 30 seconds.  When you remove them the water should still be at a rolling boil.


It is a somewhat common misconception that these dumplings are done as soon as they float.  If you pull them out prematurely they will be doughy and raw in the center.  If you are unsure whether they are cooked, simply cut one in half. You should see that the dough has very small air pockets all the way through.  The center should also have the same firm but pillowy texture as the exterior of the dumpling.  If they aren’t cooked simply place them back in the boiling water for another 30 seconds.

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