Raspberry Vinegar (Infused)

This raspberry vinegar is a fantastic way to use up excess fruit.  This aromatic vinegar is great for vinaigrette, finishing dishes and adds a zip of acid and extra layer of flavor to your favorite pickles.


Yield 2qt

+/- 7c Raspberries
2qts White Vinegar (or vinegar of your choice)

1.  Clean raspberries; if using fresh picked check inside each berry for bugs and debris.  Store bought raspberries will not likely have this issue.

2.  Place raspberries in large vessel, about one gallon in size.

3.  Pour vinegar over berries and cover with a lid.

4.  Let this infuse for 1 month before straining out the berries.

This will keep for one year.  You can also use other berries in this recipe.  We haven’t test other fruit, but if you do let us know your results!  This vinegar can also be made with different types of vinegar.  An infused champagne, white wine, apple cider or even balsamic vinegar would be fantastic.

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