Week 21: (To Answer Last Week’s Question) Yes, it has

The summer season has flown by. The harvest have drastically decreased as the plants transition for winter.

Monday was rainy so I went with David at the crack of dawn to the hospital garden. We did a quick harvest of tomatoes, kale, chard, cucumbers and squash before heading home for breakfast. Later, I left with Ellis to Prairie du Chien in Wisconsin. We ran a few errands that he needed to complete and then stopped for a quick lunch. We returned home later in the afternoon and the rest of the day was spent in relaxation. The following day I started my day by cleaning two varietals of beans. They were relatively large harvest so this took up most of my morning. Afterwards, I cut some squash for the young goats and then did some miscellaneous chores around the farm.

Wednesday was filled with various meetings for upcoming events. When I returned from town I finished weeding underneath the apple trees. Once I completed that, I moved on to picking ripe beans for seed saving. We were still stocked up on leftovers from the Seed Saver’s lunch so we ate leftovers. The next day I spent my entire morning digging potatoes. This was a lengthy task that involved some concentration to avoid spearing potatoes in the process of digging them out. I went for my shift of work later that night and enjoyed a fairly busy night of service.

Friday was rainy again so I took the time to work on those birch logs I mentioned last week. Using various power tools I began to hollow out the logs with some ease. After nearly four hours of work, I headed into town to work. And, much like Thursday, experienced a decent night of service. The day after I started my day by tidying up the hoop house. I mowed the grass on one side and then sickled down weeds on the other. I went to work later in the evening and was stunned by the smackdown of customers that we experienced. I think it was one of the busiest nights since I began there.

Sunday was more relaxed as I began my morning preparing for an upcoming event. I spent a few hours peeling many heads of garlic before transitioning to harvesting. I went outside and picked nearly two and a half gallons of crab apples to be used in a dessert. I spent the next few hours dicing up the crab apples before cooking them into an apple sauce. It began to rain late in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to head over to work on logs again until sunset. I returned home late, tired and covered in sawdust.

It has been amazing to see the change in both temperature and production from the plants. It seems like only yesterday I was picking pounds of cucumbers, only now to struggle to even find enough on the plants to make a couple of pounds. It just makes me feel like I missed part of the summer; even though I have been fully involved for the entire time. It really is amazing how fast things happen – both with plants and in life.

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