August 2018 AMA


Since this is our first AMA session we are leaving the floor open to any topic. Please note that your questions (and our responses) will be featured the following day as post for the entire C3 at Pans & Perspective to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I ask a question?”

Please post your question below as a comment. We are standing-by to give a nearly instantaneous reply to your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask away, but try to keep topics separate. For example, if you want to ask about what we’re working on for the week and what Nathan’s favorite food is, post it as two comments. (But asking our inspiration for a recipe and how to execute it would go great as a single comment.)

“Is anything off-limits?”

Even though this is an AMA session, we’d like to avoid polarizing topics. Favorite chef knife, game on – political preferences, not so much.

“Are there any stupid questions?”

There’s no stupid questions, just stupid people. In all seriousness, we hope to use these sessions to educate you and the other members of the C3 about P&P and food. We want this to be a relaxed setting where it almost seems as if we’re sitting across from you giving responses. In short, there are no stupid questions (or stupid people for that matter).

“What are the rules?”

Very simple: have fun and learn. We have a strict policy against inappropriate language; this includes, but is not limited too verbal discrimination – hate speech, racism or otherwise – verbal abuse or toxic behavior and intense profanity; we know that these can be used as “sentence enhancers” but we like to keep it clean for all our readers.

“How do I participate in the next AMA?”

We reserve this privilege for our patrons. But it’s extended to even the lowest tier of donation. Check out how to join the C3 and our AMAs here.

“When will you host the next AMA?”

As of right now the date is still up in the air. We want to get it down to a specific date each month. (That’s right, this may be the first, but it isn’t the last.)

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