Scratch Baked Beans


Our chief complaint with standard baked beans is the flavor. They are overwhelmingly sweet without any complexity.  This recipe is crafted with only basic ingredients; no cheats like ketchup – high fructose corn syrup and tomato paste.

Yield 8 Servings


2C Dry beans, soaked
1 Leek, washed and minced
1 Paste tomato – not the same thing as tomato paste, pureed
.5t Allspice
.5t Cloves
1t Celery seed, you can substitute celery leaf but use more
.25C Brown sugar
.25C Molasses
1T Raspberry vinegar or other vinegar
2Cl Garlic, grated
TT Salt and Pepper


1.  Sweat leeks until tender. Add tomato puree and reduce by half.
2.  Cook beans in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes while your sauce is reducing.
3.  Once reduced, add spices, brown sugar, molasses and cook for 5 minutes.
4.  Combine cooked beans into sauce, season and add garlic and vinegar. Cook for another 5 minutes and serve!


This recipe is simple and wants to be modified. Feel free to play around with different seasonings, beans and volumes of ingredients. For example, want some garlic forward beans, increase your garlic by 2x and reduce the amount of other seasonings by half. Looking for a smokier flavor, don’t hesitate to add bacon bits; you could even render chunks of bacon first, then saute your leeks in that gorgeous pork fat to really pack that smoky, meaty punch. Let us know what you do and post your results here!

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