Week 20: Has it Really Been that Long?

Nearly five months here at the farm and it only feels as if I arrived yesterday. “Time flies when you’re having fun”; what an understatement!

Monday started with breakfast for our guests. Lisa and Levi, the couple who joined us the night before, were documenting there time here to promote Pepperfield through Lisa’s site Rettlers. I highly encourage taking a quick glance to see what she’s up too. This was quite the serendipitous event for Pans & Perspective because we will be teaming up with Rettlers to offer some collaborative content. After breakfast, David and I made a trip to the hospital garden. I started by harvesting cucumbers, squash and tomatoes before heading into town for a meeting regarding an upcoming dining event; those of you reading from Decorah, The Courtyard & Cellar will be hosting a small event on September 3rd. I encourage you to join us for an evening of food, drinks and great music -prpvided by Maritza. After the meeting I returned to the hospital to help David finish harvesting. I picked kale and chard before returning to the farm. I made chili for dinner to share with two drop in guests, Cali and Nathan – two potential work exchange interns you may be hearing more of!

Tuesday started with one of my favorite past-times, weeding. I spent a couple hours working underneath the apple trees clearing the forest that had popped up. After about clearing half the space, I got ready for work and headed off for work. The evening was incredibly slow and was extremely dissatisfying. The next day, I woke up – late – and sped over to Dennis’. This is the same gentleman who hosted the Sankt Hans Aften party. As mentioned previously, he is hosting another party in September that includes a secret menu. I can share though, that we drove all the way to Wisconsin to pick up a special ingredient. This took nearly the entire day and after 12 hours on the road, I came home and passed out.

Thursday I began my morning by cutting up some squash for the baby goats. Afterwards, I made tom yum soup for future meals. I took off for work shortly after and suffered through another night of no customers. Friday morning I prepared a sourdough starter. Then, I spent the rest of my morning sending emails and organizing details for the upcoming events. I took off early again for work to shop around for ingredients and procure some equipment. Work was pleasantly busy as my co-worker and I got blasted with a 18-top table followed by a bundle of smaller groups for the night. All told we did nearly 100 people in an hour and a half.

Saturday commenced by making raspberry sorbet for an event we were hosting the following day. Shortly after, David and I moved the electric fence to the upper vineyard from the squash patch. During this process I (accidently) touched it to make sure it was on; it was. Then, I setup my bread to be baked before heading to work. It seemed like all the people came in on Friday night because we experienced one of the slowest Saturday nights ever. I wasn’t complaining though, I cleaned up and got out early and got to bed a reasonable time. Sunday we were slated to host the educational workshop on home seed saving. David gave garden tours and did demonstrations while I prepared the attendees a lunch of corn pudding, baked beans and potato salad. The entire event went off smoothly and I took a quick nap after everyone left. We enjoyed a lazy evening and ate a dinner of leftovers before calling it an early night.

I am aware that I mentioned the Monthly Video Update was going to be posted during this last week. I am sorry that I was not able to meet that deadline. The computer is still out of commision and I will organize that video as soon as I can. Thank you for the understanding!

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