Week 19: Gearing up for more Food

This last week has been pretty relaxed. The farm has been quiet as the harvest explodes.

Monday began with the usual routine. David and I took a quick trip to the hospital to harvest produce for the kitchen. This included prolific amounts of cucumbers, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans and chard. Afterwards, we returned to the farm and did some small chores in the hoop house. Then, I made a corn bread to use up some older product. The following day I helped get lunch ready for some of David’s friends. I made corn pudding and he put together a mixed greens salad. Around noon, they rolled up and we spent a fantastic afternoon catching up. I ran off to work shortly after. Unfortunatly it was slow, I ended up working my shift solo and got done around midnight.

Wednesday started with a slow morning. I ran into work just so see a demonstration of some prep and help clean. Then, David and I ran to the neighbor’s farm to pick up a few bales of hay. Once we returned we sat down in the shade and spent the afternoon cleaning beans. This involved pulling the dried pods off the plants to be saved for seed and winter eating. Once we finished that, we went down to the garden to bag the rest of the ears of corn. We called it an early evening and spent the time relaxing on the deck. The next day I started my morning weeding with Ellis in the back vineyard; meanwhile David went to town to take care of the hospital garden. When he returned I was heading out for my shift. I was greeted with yet another slow night, although we had a decent push of a 14 top and 6 other tables. After that burst though, things returned to a calm night.

Friday, I tackled more weeding. Before I started, I set my sourdough up to proof while I was out in the garden. I managed to get half of the section complete before taking a break for lunch. I took off for another shift mid afternoon and had a resonable night of service – still nowhere near the volume of my first shift. The next day I finished the other half of the weeding. In the same fashion as the previous day, I took a break for lunch before heading out. We were only marginally busier than the previous night. Sunday we took the day off. Mid afternoon David, Ellis and I saw a play in town. It got over around four so we headed back to the farm and got dinner ready. Our bed and breakfast guests had planned to arrive early and meet us. We served them a tomato and meat sauce, fresh pasta, parmesan zucchini spears and a fresh garden salad. It was a true farm to table experience. We shared pleasant conversation late into the evening before retiring for the night.

The next upcoming weeks I will be preparing for four separate dining events in September. It has been a test to juggle my responsiblities here, work a couple of odd shifts, and get ready for these upcoming events. In the midst of all this, my computer has broken down…again. But, the show must go on. Expect the monthly video update later this week and get ready for another food frenzy!

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