We’ve Started a Patreon Campagin!

Have you noticed the “shout-outs” to new patrons? It’s our way of saying thanks to some of the awesome people who have made pledges to Pans & Perspective.

You too can connect with the Community of Conscious Consumers by making a pledge. Plus, you’ll get some of the cool perks too. Some of the benefits of becoming a patron include:

  • Chances to participate in monthly AMA (ask me anything) sessions
  • Early access to content
  • Opportunities to have your comments featured or start discussions
  • A small custom thank-you with P&P swag
  • A shout-out on the blog
  • Featuring of your content and creations
  • Notification and a one time discounted access to one of our exclusive dining events (where applicable)

The best part is you can decide your involvement with the C3! Our unique tiers offer everyone a chance to show their love; your tier will determine which of these fantastic benefits you recieve.

This month we will host our first AMA session. Patrons will be able to hold and open discussion with us to learn more about P&P. The date will be announced later, but don’t worry if you can’t make it, we will post the whole session right here.

To find out more about connecting with the C3 and these awesome opportunities visit our patreon page.

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