Quote of the Week 9

After a week in front of the screen, the opportunity to work with my hands - with all my senses, in fact - is always a welcome change of pace, whether in the kitchen or in the garden. There's something about such work that it seems to alter the experience of time, helps me reoccupy... Continue Reading →

Monthly Video Update!

Check out this month's video update!  We had some small technical issues that have since been resolved. Future videos will be posted on a more consistent basis.  Thank you for your understanding!

Week 21: (To Answer Last Week’s Question) Yes, it has

The summer season has flown by. The harvest have drastically decreased as the plants transition for winter. Monday was rainy so I went with David at the crack of dawn to the hospital garden. We did a quick harvest of tomatoes, kale, chard, cucumbers and squash before heading home for breakfast. Later, I left with... Continue Reading →

The video will go live to the rest of Pans & Perspective this weekend.  Don't forget our first AMA will be live in less than an hour.  We reserve this as another fantastic reward to our patrons.  (Don't worry, there's still time to get into this AMA!)  Click here to join this exclusive community and reap... Continue Reading →

August 2018 AMA

Topic/Focus Since this is our first AMA session we are leaving the floor open to any topic. Please note that your questions (and our responses) will be featured the following day as post for the entire C3 at Pans & Perspective to see. Frequently Asked Questions "How do I ask a question?" Please post your... Continue Reading →

Check out our featured story!

A recent visit from Lisa Frank, founder of Rettlers, has provided us with a unique opportunity to share a story on her stories section of her site. Check it out here!

Following Pans & Perspective through Email is now Easier than Ever!

Located at the bottom of any page on the blog, you will find a small form that will allow you to recieve regular email updates of posts. P&P does not see this information, only the names of our email followers. We cannot share your information and would refrain from doing so because we value your... Continue Reading →

We will be hosting our first AMA session on August 27th, 18.00-20.00 Central Time. This is something we like to reserve as a special perk for our patrons. Click here to find out how to participate!

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