Buttermilk Recipe

Making your own buttermilk is extremely simple. It is a great ingredient to have around for pancakes, cornbread and other baked goods.

Yield: 1Qt


3.75C Milk
.25C Buttermilk – this is your starter


1. Pour milk into a clean glass jar.2. Pour starter into jar with milk.3. Mix it for about 30 seconds with a spoon, cover and let sit at room temperature for 24 hours. This is the inoculation period.


The buttermilk has bacterial cultures in it that will produce lactic acid and essentially sour the milk; don’t worry about leaving it at room temperature to inoculate. This can be kept for for weeks as long as the jar remains clean. We recommend putting this into smaller batches one its made to help preserve it. You can use this as a perpetual starter and continue to make more buttermilk from your own.

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