Week 17: Back in the Kitchen

Last week left off right in the middle of our second dining event here at Pepperfield. Over a leisurely evening we shared a fantastic meal with Rowen White's seed keeping network. Monday morning started by begining the braised lamb shoulder. Afterwards I cooked some beans for the starter plate. While those were cooking I took... Continue Reading →

Make the Food and They will Come

Both of the recent dining events at Pepperfield were extremely rewarding on many levels. Each guest left stunned and satiated from the beautiful symphony of food. At the first event, as people gathered in the house, the yeasty aroma of fresh pita wafted through the air. A collection of bowls sat on the table with... Continue Reading →

Week 16: Making it Look Easy

This week has been approaching with much anticipation. For nearly a month we have had two major events on our calendar and I have been preparing for them. Monday was spent getting some things in order for our upcoming events. David and I went to the hospital to harvest kale and squash, but also to... Continue Reading →

Buttermilk Recipe

Making your own buttermilk is extremely simple. It is a great ingredient to have around for pancakes, cornbread and other baked goods. Yield: 1Qt Ingredients 3.75C Milk .25C Buttermilk - this is your starter Method 1. Pour milk into a clean glass jar.2. Pour starter into jar with milk.3. Mix it for about 30 seconds... Continue Reading →

Wüsthof 7-inch Nakiri Classic Review

Wüsthof produces its knives out of Solingen, Germany. Since 1814 this family owned and managed company has produced high quality tools known universally around the world. Each product is made to last and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Currently I do not have a ultility knife in my kit, but this knife fills that... Continue Reading →

Week 15: Here Comes the Harvest

We are just beginning to see the start of the early harvest. Spinach and Parsnips have gone to seed and are almost ripe and we dug the first garlic just a few days ago.Monday we had our bed and breakfast guests in the morning. David did a squash blossom omelette and we spent about an... Continue Reading →

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