Week 12: Rain and Recovery

The wedding and lodging of one of the families occupied most of our time last week. While we were hoping to get a start on farm work when the week began we were drenched by rain and forced to recover from the busy week prior.

Monday started with the final breakfast of the groom’s family. It went late into the morning and as they rolled out, we began to clean up the house. The rain was light, but persistent so I spent my afternoon helping clean and then did some reading. Pippin – David’s son – and his family came for dinner and he made us pasta primavera. I added to the meal by making some fruit sorbet and we spent the evening catching up and discussing the wedding. The following day the rain had become more intense. We had breakfast with Pippin’s family and spent the day lounging around the house. It was probably one of my more unproductive days but I enjoyed with reading, napping and chatting with some of our guests. It was just Ellis, David and I for dinner so we finished off leftovers. Wednesday we caught a reprieve in the rain. David and I went to the hospital to plant celery and then ran some errands in town. We had planned again to dine with Pippin and family so David made a vegetable curry over rice. I left early to go to Humble Hands farm to help them roast another sheep. When I arrived I helped tend the the fire, then Hannah – the owner of the farm – and I scooped out the coals and rocks. We seasoned the sheep, wrapped it tight in a sheet and buried it in the ground. It cooked through the night and the following morning I went back to the farm to help them carve the meat. It wasn’t as tender as the one we had done previously but still had great flavor. I made a quick trip into town to go to the Depot – a small second hand store – to see if I could find a pair of shorts. I returned home shortly after and Ellis invited me to go out and grab some Chinese food in town.

Friday I made a sourdough starter for bread. I made a quick trip back to Hannah’s farm to grab some equipment we loaned them for the sheep roast. When I got back I helped David cover peas in the garden as a means of bird protection. Then I tied tomatoes to trellis and spent the afternoon weeding. The few days of rain, with no involvement from us, had allowed the weeds to explode; rather than our usual routine we had to hand pull the larger ones before we could come in and clear out the others with tools or the tiller. We had been given a lot of food from the wedding so we were still enjoying leftovers. After dinner I moved some chicken feed to the coop and then helped cover the squash plants from more bird assaults.

Saturday we had bed and breakfast guests staying in the cabin. I spent the morning enjoying their conversation with waffles. I made my dough and let it proof before heading to see a play in Lanesborough. When I returned I worked in the garden pulling more weeds. After about an hour I left to go to a Sankt Hans Aften – a Danish social gathering that occurs around the solstice. I spent my night enjoying various Danish dishes: smoked arctic char, cod liver and eggs, anchovies on rye, and a spread of cured and smoked meats that I still don’t know the names of. Sunday we hosted our guests at breakfast again. David made a squash blossom omelette and I enjoyed the leisurely morning. I spent the rest of the morning catching up on weeds before going to see another matinee showing in town. When I got back I made some tomato sauce and sauteed squash for dinner. We enjoyed it as the sun set, offering a bounty to the various flying pests that emerge at that time of day as well. I’m still scratching.


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