Cooked: Synopsis and Review

Pollan starts at the Skylight Inn in North Carolina with hopes to discover the primal roots of cooking: fire. He meets Sam Jones the owner of the establishment who introduces him to James Henry Howell, the pit master. Synopsis Howell is responsible for maintaining the fires, cooking the hogs, processing the meat and seasoning for... Continue Reading →

Week 12: Rain and Recovery

The wedding and lodging of one of the families occupied most of our time last week. While we were hoping to get a start on farm work when the week began we were drenched by rain and forced to recover from the busy week prior. Monday started with the final breakfast of the groom's family.... Continue Reading →

Creating and Maintaining Cycles in Food

When you go to the supermarket and gaze out over the pasture it is, on the surface, beautiful. Bright red, perfectly round tomatoes and bushels of corn in tight rows in their bright green husks sit on the shelves. These are the standards. Who would want to eat a ribbed tomato or one shaped like... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Pepperfield Principles in Action

I have always been interested in prinicples - ideas, concepts or beliefs - that people avidly stand behind. David has many of them that I respect and witnessing them unfold is truly amazing. The week started with an early breakfast with some overnight guests. During which Bobo, aptly named, stirred up quite a ruckus in... Continue Reading →

Eating Better than Kings and Queens

The fawn pate wasn’t just a delicious item. It was something sacred, unique and provoking.It brought ingredients together in a way that highlighted their individual value but also the value of their sum. It was rich, creamy, delicately smoky, laced with fruity notes with undertones of onion. The prevailing flavor, a slightly gamey profile that... Continue Reading →

What is Village Fire?

Last week I indirectly participated in a unique event. My capacity was significantly food related by I still witnessed many amazing things at the event. Village Fire is an annual four day event that takes place in the driftless region of Decorah Iowa. It is an “intergenerational” gathering of individuals who come together to sing,... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Faun, Fireside Gatherings and Food (Lots of it)

This week was a beautiful orchestration of events - entrenched in food - that was probably the most rewarding to me, as a chef. I had unique experiences, practiced and enjoyed cooking so closely related to my Food Philosophy that I felt complete and at peace and made connections with people - chefs and otherwise... Continue Reading →

Sourced (almost entirely) from the garden. Pickled spring onions and lovage, purslane, baby spinach, asparagus, mustard flower, chive flower, onion blossom raspberry vinegar and extra virgin. Post from my Instagram.

Week 9: Over the Hill, Climbing the Next One

Spring planting - the big push to get all of the transplants into the ground - has now come to an end. We are still doing various tasks to finish out this period but the majority of the work is done. Monday brought a collection of people to breakfast. We had our bed and breakfast... Continue Reading →

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