Omnivore’s Dilemma: Excerpt Synopsis and Review


The modern supermarket offers such a maze of maize. All cleverly disguised behind ‘All natural’ and lines upon lines of literature composed to draw the attention of consumers. But, to many, the supermarket offers “outstanding biodiversity”. Hundreds of species gathered together in a beautiful union to create a bounty no biome could even hope to produce. Unlimited choices are quite the dilemma. But upon closer inspection these choices dwindle, because between the “canyons of breakfast cereals and condiments” and unfortunately the meat, the ingredients start to look the same. This vast array of sections: beef, pork, chicken, fish, the entirety of all processed foods the boxes that so cleverly market these items, the pesticides used to protect them, the “linoleum an fiberglass” providing their home and of course the fuel used to transports these goods thousands of miles to you, can all be factored down into one common denominator, corn. To those appalled, here is the shocking answer to the one central question. Why?  Click here to find out!



Pollan has masterfully created a piece for the ages. Carefully constructed through not just his own experiences but also the flora and fauna shared with him. With blinding, and possibly revolting, comprehension, he eviscerates the industrial food system. Carefully tackling issues and making sacrifices that will leave readers incredulous and inquisitive about the very food system they knowingly or unknowingly participate in. From CAFOs to corn fields he endeavors to call to attention some of the leading cause of health issues plaguing America, increasing devastation to the planet for the short term gain of profits as well as the clever marketing ploys that hide what’s truly in your favorite breakfast cereal or organic TV dinner. With absolutely no reservations, Pollan thoroughly investigates the industrial organic industry. At every turn, providing facts and information that allow the reader to make criticisms and ask questions about an industry regarded as healthy and sustainable. Pollan has done his research getting down and dirty with manure-caked boots, hazmat suits, and crushing physical labor to demonstrate not just an interest in his subjects but also the passion and dedication for creating a truly, authentic narrative. Emotionally aware and chillingly honest, he composes astounding vignettes, laced with shocking facts, blunt criticisms, creative insight and devastating conclusions about himself and his experiences.

To the chef, the consumer, the eater, or the young adult just beginning a journey in this world, one that is so unavoidably connected with food: I highly recommend Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, with paramount praise and extreme admiration.

Final remarks

Pollan has changed how I think and operate as a chef and made my question myself as an individual. For that, I would like to extend my undying gratitude. My only regret in reading Omnivore’s Dillema, is that I haven’t done it sooner.

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