Corn Pudding – A Pepperfield Project Staple


Corn wasn’t in short supply at the Pepperfield Project.  This corn pudding gave us a great outlet to feature some of the heirloom varieties grown here.  Likewise, it also doubled as a fantastic way to use the surplus of cheese, goat milk and eggs here at the farm.  It’s a great standalone dish served as a casserole but can also be used to diversify your dinner as an exciting side dish!  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!

Yield 8 Portions


1.5C  onion minced
1.5C  corn kernels
1.5C  cheddar
1.5C  ricotta
4ea  eggs
.5C  milk
3floz  whey, or more milk
.5C  butter melted more for cooking
.25C  brown sugar
2t  salt
1/2t  pepper
1/4t  nutmeg
.5C  cornmeal


1.  Sweat onions in 1T butter. Then, once translucent, remove from heat.
2. Next, while cooking the onions combine ricotta, eggs, milk and whey with melted butter. Then, in a separate larger bowl mix sugar, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cornmeal.
3. Slowly whisk in the wet mix as you pour it into the dry. Afterwards, fold in corn, onions and 1C of cheese, reserving some for garnish on top.
4. Finally, bake the corn pudding at 400F for 40 minutes checking after 30 minutes. When done, this pudding should be golden brown on top and slice with a knife leaving no liquid behind.

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