Gnocchi alla Spezzatino di Anitra

Yield: 10 portions Ingredients Gnocchi 2# Russet potatoes 4ea Egg yolks 10-12oz Bread flour Pinch Salt, white pepper and nutmeg Spezzatino di Anitra AN Olive oil AN Butter 6ea Duck, legs 1 C Red onion, minced 2oz Celery, minced 2oz Carrots, minced 2oz Pancetta, minced 3 ea Rosemary sprigs 3ea Thyme sprigs 3ea Bay leaf... Continue Reading →

Early Day on Fish Section

I started my day early on fish.  As soon as I arrived I compressed apples and cucumbers for service.  I also setup my soup which was a creamed sweet potato.  While the soup was simmering I cooked off cockles and mussels and then chilled them down.  I had forgotten to make the compressed fennel so... Continue Reading →

Back to Fish

I started back on fish station.  When I arrived I checked our prep list and then made soup.  I decided on a cream of celeriac soup with truffle oil.  While the soup was cooking down I started on making the daily compressed pickles.  Afterwards I made tomato petals for tomato concasse.  The next thing on... Continue Reading →

Bolognese Ragu with Pork and Beef

Yields 10 portions Ingredients 2/3C  Pancetta, minced 2C  Onion, minced 1C  Carrot, minced 2/3C  Celery, minced 2T  Butter 2T  Olive oil 1#  Beef, lean, ground 1#  Pork, lean, ground 1/2c  Chicken livers, cleaned, minced 2c  White wine 6T  Tomato paste TT  Salt TT  Fine ground black pepper TT  Nutmeg, fresh grated, added gradually 1Qt+  Chicken... Continue Reading →

Duck, Chicken and Sirloin Smackdown

As I mentioned meat section has been quite behind.  I wanted to help my team members get caught up so I came in a few hours early. I started off by setting up beef stock to simmer for the day.  Afterwards I did my usual section setup as well as steaming potatoes for mash.  I... Continue Reading →

Easy Service

The cover count was looking pretty small for the day.  I came in and gathered my mise en place for service.  I followed it by setting up my starches and then jumped on prep.  I threw on a large batch of chicken stock for the kitchen and then began slicing onions.  I was also tasked... Continue Reading →


As per usual the day commenced by setting up for mashed potatoes.  While they were cooking I began my section setup.  Breakfast service was pretty slow so I managed to get it 90% completed pretty quick. Shortly after I put on my cream and butter and riced the potatoes.  I then heated up my purees... Continue Reading →

Still Cracking On

I was still on the AM shift for meat section.  When I walked in breakfast was in a frenzy. I started to get my section setup but it was far to busy.  I threw some potatoes in the oven for mash and then helped my partners with a few small tasks.  Things started to die... Continue Reading →

Picking Up the Slack

I arrived early to both my section partners chugging away with prep.  The meat section demi chefs left the station in a very poor state and as a result we have been playing catch up all week.  I did the usual.  I threw my potatoes in the steamer and began to gather my mise en... Continue Reading →

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