Revisiting Lobster Thermidor

No setup on raw bar because my partner did it for me.  I had to go grab some oysters and restock the station but that didn't take long. Afterwards I sliced smoked salmon for afternoon tea.  I did about 8 sides and it didn't seem that time consuming.  Next on my list was egg mayo. ... Continue Reading →

Oyster City or Shellfish Smack-down?

After setting up raw bar I got pegged with an order of one dozen.  My partner cracked them for me though so I could finish setup.  I jumped on crab cocktail prep which is a light crab salad bound with creme fraiche and lemon juice.  Its balanced with chive and chili giving it a complex... Continue Reading →

Uneventful Day in Dublin

Another day off, but this time it turned out to be an uneventful day.  Awoke at half 10.  Relaxed for a few hours then went off to pick up some shelves for my barren hostel dorm.  Assembled them and then went out for lunch.  I perusesd a local candy shoppe right near my lodging. Then... Continue Reading →

Day Off from Work

I woke up around half 11 which felt amazing.  I contacted some relatives that live here in Ireland but got no response.  I took a walk to St. Stephen's Green shopping centre to see if i could find a cheap trash bin.  No luck.  I took my normal route home down Grafton St and stopped... Continue Reading →

Salmon and Shucking Oysters – Raw Bar Adventures

Same time, same place. I did oyster bar set up.  It was followed by our daily briefing where we always discuss the BEOs and expected guest count for the day.  Our breifing also includes a short training session where the chef gives us basic audatory instructions on daily tasks.  This session was on smoking salmon.... Continue Reading →

Long Night of Work

I arrived 30 minutes early to set up raw bar by myself.  I was excited to finally be able to work without a shadow.  I was informed the day prior that I was responsible for setting up a taste panel for the front of the house.  This entailed a single order of Guinness oysters.  It... Continue Reading →

Slow Day of Work

Nothing special, raw bar set up with Mary.  After I did some tomato concasse.  Too add to yesterday's post, they pronounce it as concaus.  The prefered method over here is to quarter the tomato and slice out the seeds and ribs from the quarters leaving a distinct flower petal shape.  Then trim the edges to... Continue Reading →

Bleeding Eggs and the Irish Patois (Revisited)

This post will have some colorful language.  My day commenced with setting up raw bar with Mary.  After complaining about how many bleeding eggs she had to cook she picked up a conversation with a co-worker. I can't believe he did ... I ought to hit him a slap. Now I have never heard either... Continue Reading →

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