Lazy Day

I was given three days off in a row.  Normally I wouldn’t complain but thats just to long.  My third day was leiu time to make up for the extra hours I had worked during the week.  I woke at half 12 and laid in bed for another 30 minutes.  I got up and took a walk to find some wifi.  After about an hour I found a small cafe.  I sat down and browsed internet articles and apps for nearly four hours.  After getting my fill, I walked back to my room and got ready for the staff party at the Shelbourne. 

The party was nice but not really my taste.  The booze was free and most of the associates used the time to get hammered.  I could barely hold conversations with them because of their heavily slurred speech.  I left early and walked back to my room where I called an early night.

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