The Savage Hog Box

Two steps out the door I knew something was awry.  My nostrils were assaulted by a smoky rich aroma.  This was something unusual for Saturday afternoon.  I continued to walk towards this fabulous smell and as I neared an alleyway I was bombarded by the smell of caramelized onions.  An unmistakable smell if you remember my food memory article years ago.  In the alley was a small farmers market.  Five small tents all set up in rows with different goods ranging from bread to fruits and vegetables.  At the front of the pack was a tent billowing with smoke.  The sign read Goode Life.  When I got closer and read their menu, I was hooked instantly.  I ordered a savage Hog Box and its name surely did it justice.  About half a kilo of potatoes topped with another half kilo of carmelized onions and spit roasted pork topped with toasted crumbs, gravy, pickled beets and perfectly rendered crispy pork skin.  It was 10 euros and was one of the finest breakfasts I have had in quite some time.

I ate and slowly walked across town to the Tesco, the equivilent of Wal-mart, to buy a few items.  After I did my shopping I strolled back to my room and made my final reservation for the duration of my stay.  Most of the paycheck I so painstakingly tried to cash is gone, but it is fine.  I sat around for a little in my room before wandering out around town to find a real wifi connection.  I managed to stumble upon a internet cafe.  Usage of the terminals was 2 euro an hour so I bought two and a half hours of time.  It was a gaming cafe as well so I spent most of my time playing computer games. 

After having some fun I walked back to my room again.  I took a short nap and woke up around half eight.  I went and grabbed a burrito at a Chipotle knockoff, which was actually quite good.  Walked around town looking for some more wifi and then eventually headed back.



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