Still Loving It

Upon arrival, the first task that needed completion was a white fish stock.  It was composed of just water and halibut bones simmered slowly for about an hour.  Next, green beans were blanched in boiling water until vibrantly green but still slightly crunchy to the taste.  Afterwards, 18 hours had elapsed from when the salmon roulades had started the curing process.  They were carefully unrolled and rinsed well in order to prevent any further curing.  The fish had a wonderful aroma of whisky and lime with a very subtle hint of molasses.  Once rinsed they were re-wrapped tightly to create a cylindrical shape.  It will feature black garlic and a golden raisin puree.  After that I took my break.

Upon returning the first project was to devein foie gras.  The fatty liver has a series of connective tissue and bile ducts that run through it.  This can be done through various methods but one of the best is using tweezers.  Following that mussels and cockles were picked for service.  They are used in most of the fish entrees and act as garnishes.  Service time came and I was fortunate enough to participate.  Fish station is run by Brendan,  a junior sous from Down Under.  He is funny, brilliant and crass all at the same time.  He has one of the foulest mouths in the kitchen but its part of his character and he uses it well.  When things died down there was one more project.  Crab meat needed to be picked for a crab salad.  I made a crab mix similar to the one used on raw bar with the addition of fresh herbs and no chili or whole grain mustard.

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