Day 1: Fish Station

I started off my day by making a cold compressed cucumber pickle.  It is a simple recipe that yields great results.  The tendency with traditional pickles, even cold brined, is that they lose their vibrance. But I am lucky enough to have access to a cryo-vac machine at my disposal.  Using this machine the cucumber is pickled through compression.  This forces the brine, in this case a champagne gastrique, into the cells of the cucumber giving it an almost chartruese color.  Those of you interested in testing this recipe (even without cryo-vac) can make it by combining the ingredients and brining them in the fridge.  A syrup of champagne vinegar, sugar and mustard seeds will do fine. 

My next task was to make crawfish potage.  A potage is a pureed soup with vegetables, primarily carrots, as the thickening agent.  I sweated down a combo of leeks, onion, celery stalk and carrots in whole butter then added stock and brought it to a boil.  Once the vegetables were tender, they were pureed and passed through a fine mesh strainer.  My next task was to make a whisky salmon cure.  This was a mixture of light brown sugar, salt, Bushmills, lime zest and bicarb.  The function of the baking soda is to prevent over curing of the fish.  I took my break just after.

I returned and then fabricated rouk salmon for cured roulades.  Once the sides were cleaned I rubbed them with cure and wrapped them tightly in a log shape using plastic wrap. They will cure for 18 hours and then get washed and re-wrapped.  I’ll take some pictures tomorrow.

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