Concluding Oyster Bar

Rather than just detailing my day I wanted to take some time to reflect on my experience during these first weeks here at the Shelbourne. 

I started (almost) late, catching myself at 12.14 in bed.  I rushed out and made it just on time.  I did my usual setup and transitioned into washing oysters for the station.  I did a quick back-up pan of shrimp and then chopped some ham for afternoon tea.  Mo, the executive sous, came to me and asked for 80 oysters for an event later in the evening.  My total time was 30 minutes with change.  Based on my last session of 15 minutes for 25 oysters, my speed had increased by nearly 30%.  Just after I finished the ham mix and then gathered ice for the action station.  A group had rented out the entire bar and lounge for a party. The function had a sliced smoked salmon station that I was asked to run.  The function started at half six and went to close.

I managed to gather a lot of knowledge during my time on oyster bar.  Day 1, I learned a new way to open oysters.  My general knowledge about shellfish increased.  During my time I improved my opening speed overall as well.  I picked up a handful of new recipes such as the lobster thermidor and Guinness oysters.  There were a lot of meticulous tasks that I didn’t enjoy, most of which were afternoon tea prep.  It was a quick 2 weeks but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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