End of the Run for Raw Bar

My time in raw bar is nearing the end.  I was told to come in at 12.30 for my setup since the restaurant was so slow.  Once complete I made the crab mix for the cocktail.  I had picked the meat yesterday so the assembly was quick and easy.  Next I prepared some julienne iceberg and followed that up with tomato petals.  I did it using the par boiling method and it took significantly less time.  Shortly after I diced shallots and made a back-up container of shallot vinegar.  I was asked my the afternoon tea crew to make some sliced cherry tomatoes as well.  I did 10 boxes and then went on break.

Service was slow so when I got back I peeled potatoes for meat station.  My last task before I left was smoked salmon for afternoon tea.  I managed to get a lot of tasks completed during an even shorter shift.  Next week I am scheduled to jump into the kitchen to help with the restaurant.  I am pretty excited.  The end of the run for raw bar is marking a new beginning here at the hotel.

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