Exploration of Dublin, First Thoughts

Thanks to my friend Christopher, who just visited Vancouver, I have decided to do small journal entries each day that will help my followers keep track of my every day adventures during my extended stay in Dublin. These will be independent from the food portion of my blog because they do not fall into any of the categories on my blog. Expect these entries to be no more than 100 words. They will be a general abstract of my day.

I arrived at the airport 30 minutes early. The flight overseas lasted about 5 hours because we had an excellent tailwind. Upon landing it was zero degrees Celsius. I hopped in a cab piloted by a very friendly native who gave me bits and bobs of information as we rushed towards the city. I arrived in Dublin around 5.00am, their time, and proceeded to attempt to check into my hostel. 9 hours later I succeeded. During my spare time I explored the city, had a few cups of coffee and explored Dublin castle. Afterwards, I ate at a small falafel place. After my check-in at 14.00 I went to multiple stores to pick up small items I needed. I got lost several times because I was trying to avoid using my data on my smartphone to avoid supplemental charges. It was good though because I learned the city pretty quick. I had a few drinks between two different bars where I noticed the smell of urine permeated the air. I have yet to set foot into another for fear of this. I finished my night with beef bipimbap I found at a local Korean place. After no sleep and plenty of exploration, I crashed around 20.00.

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