Lazy Day

I was given three days off in a row.  Normally I wouldn't complain but thats just to long.  My third day was leiu time to make up for the extra hours I had worked during the week.  I woke at half 12 and laid in bed for another 30 minutes.  I got up and took... Continue Reading →

The Savage Hog Box

Two steps out the door I knew something was awry.  My nostrils were assaulted by a smoky rich aroma.  This was something unusual for Saturday afternoon.  I continued to walk towards this fabulous smell and as I neared an alleyway I was bombarded by the smell of caramelized onions.  An unmistakable smell if you remember... Continue Reading →

Still Loving It

Upon arrival, the first task that needed completion was a white fish stock.  It was composed of just water and halibut bones simmered slowly for about an hour.  Next, green beans were blanched in boiling water until vibrantly green but still slightly crunchy to the taste.  Afterwards, 18 hours had elapsed from when the salmon... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Fish Station

I started off my day by making a cold compressed cucumber pickle.  It is a simple recipe that yields great results.  The tendency with traditional pickles, even cold brined, is that they lose their vibrance. But I am lucky enough to have access to a cryo-vac machine at my disposal.  Using this machine the cucumber... Continue Reading →

Concluding Oyster Bar

Rather than just detailing my day I wanted to take some time to reflect on my experience during these first weeks here at the Shelbourne.  I started (almost) late, catching myself at 12.14 in bed.  I rushed out and made it just on time.  I did my usual setup and transitioned into washing oysters for... Continue Reading →

End of the Run for Raw Bar

My time in raw bar is nearing the end.  I was told to come in at 12.30 for my setup since the restaurant was so slow.  Once complete I made the crab mix for the cocktail.  I had picked the meat yesterday so the assembly was quick and easy.  Next I prepared some julienne iceberg... Continue Reading →

Playing Catch-Up on a Slow Day

Many people were scheduled off so I was in charge of oyster bar.  I did the setup and then sliced more smoked salmon for afternoon tea.  I spent the rest of my day playing catch-up to get ahead for the week.  The station was running low on tomato concasse so that was the next task. ... Continue Reading →

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