Chef Dellarose Analysis

As I mentioned in a previous installment high volume production, HVP, is broken down into two sections. You can find the first part of this analysis here. The second portion of HVP was lunch class. Our kitchen fed over 100 students during our lunch service. Plates ranged from salads to sandwiches and we even prepared... Continue Reading →

Art of Dishwashing: Day 10

“Who’s that?” “Oh him, he’s nobody.” “Not nobody, he’s part of the kitchen.” “He’s a plonguer or something, he washes dishes and takes out the garbage…” -Excerpt from Ratatouille Everyone is in the kitchen for a reason. It’s important to realize that everyone and every position shares the same value. While everyone may not fully... Continue Reading →

Chef Ward Analysis

The high volume production, HVP, class was split into two segments. It featured two chef instructors, one for the breakfast portion and one for lunch or dinner depending on scheduling. Now the class is broken into three parts and students get a mix of all three categories. HVP is the final class before externship. It... Continue Reading →

Late Night Tacos: Day 8

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with our GM. He cooked me a simple meal of tacos and it was amazing. We reminisced about the Perfect Caper back in the 90’s as well as talked about Su Casa, a small authentic Mexican restaurant that didn’t quite work out.  Who would of thought so... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Center Guy

Each day always brings new surprises. Our cover count yesterday was over 140 and dinner service was quite the rush. My job is working between sauté and grill station to help plate dishes and expedite tickets. The “center” job entails a lot and it’s similar to working as a tournant. I lead the team in... Continue Reading →

Chef DiPerri Analysis

On the days where I have nothing major to report I have chosen to go back and write about some of my experiences at CIA. The focus will be on chef analyses but will also include small vignettes about exploits with friends. The start of the program at CIA begins with a class called culinary... Continue Reading →

Walk-ins: Day 5

The ticket machine roars away, chef and our GM are barking commands down the line as pots crash against the stove. The line is blistering as the air conditioner tries to compete with the eternal fire that the grill, fryers and deck oven throw out. Garde manger station is getting crushed as the new solo... Continue Reading →

Watch Hill Farm: Day 3

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Watch Hill Farm. They are a small local organic farm committed to providing fresh organic produce to the immediate surrounding areas. Ella’s, the establishment where I work, sources a large amount of produce from them. The best thing is the farm is only a 10 minute drive... Continue Reading →

My Summer Job: Day 1 and 2

The industry truly is an amazing place. Of course this is with reference to the food industry. As a “chef”, and I refer to this in quotes because I still have so much to learn, it is so absolutely astounding what other people can create with just a few simple ingredients and their bare hands.... Continue Reading →

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