Chef Death Roe Quotes – Welcome to Garmo

I will post some content on Chef "Death" Roe eventually but for now here are some of my favorite Roe quotes. "I am serious as a heart-attack." "Do you feel like a fucking idiot?" - Directed solely towards me "Blue Hill is the most fake, fantasy, made up, wet dream....fake version of sustainability" "I can... Continue Reading →

What I took from extern: Weeks 1-4

I stepped into the kitchen with no real expectations. I was every excited and just as anxious. My first day I wandered around the kitchen looking for someone on the management team. After managing to find my way into bake shop I finally found the Sous Chef. He put me in connection with a manager.... Continue Reading →

The real reason onions make you cry.

During a lecture today we discussed the use of the pestle and mortar. One of the teams in our class was making a salsa that was ground rather than chopped. We were using tomatoes, jalapenos and Anaheim chilies, onions, lemon juice and cilantro. This process of grind gives the salsa a slightly more unique mouth... Continue Reading →

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