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If you are a student at the CIA I am sure you are very familiar with a local takeout Chinese food joint that goes by the name Yeung Ho II. Now I want to begin by mentioning that Yeung Ho II has been my favorite place to dine on “Chinese” food since I started back in late September. I have been a loyal customer and this incident has disappointed me more than anything else.

About 2 months ago my roommate and I both ordered a special combination meal of boneless pork spareribs. Now for a college student this is a great deal: about 1 pint of fried rice, and a pint of pork with a pork eggroll for $7. I just recently spent $7 on about 5 oz of gelato the other day so this is a fabulous deal. Quality has never been an issue, in fact I thought that this particular order was fantastic. The pork was relatively lean so I wasn’t chewing on fat the entire time. The heart of the problem was in my roommates food. As he bit down on a mouthful of pork he felt a sharp pain in his mouth. He spit out his food and he saw a shard of glass glistening like a diamond in the rough.

He immediately called the restaurant to let them know and as I sat there and listened he was extremely cordial and polite. He made no threats or complaints, he simply wanted to let them know why had happened. They listened and apologized she even offered to comp a free meal. They even drove all the way back to Hudson to drop off the meal. I honestly don’t think it could have been handled better by both sides.

So what is my complaint? About a week before the semester ended we attempted to order our usual. But as we told them our room number they began to give us trouble. They told us that they didn’t want to serve us. Now I respect the right to refuse service but the justification was farfetched and ludacris. They told us that they didn’t want to serve us because they didn’t want to put more glass in our food. My roommate asked to speak to manager but they refused, claiming that he was not working that day. This went back and forth until my roommate hung up.

Now my intention is not to scare anyone. The food that they produce has great price point and is very good quality for what it is. But their customer service department needs a major overhaul. I hope they see this but until then be careful with what you get when you order from them, you may just end up with a mouthful of glass.

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